Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Ultimate Goal

Preaching, teaching, and having theological discussion are all very important and should be valued. However, there are some serious questions we must ask ourselves when we are involved in preaching, teaching, or discussion. Here is one question to ask yourself that will then expose what the true motive of your heart is when engaging in any of these activities.

·         What is my ultimate goal in this?

Depending on how this question is answered, a few more questions may be helpful in exposing an idol in the heart.

·         What about this activity brings me the most joy?
·         Do I care if I look smart?
·         Do I want to prove people wrong to win the argument?
·         Am I inwardly hoping to hear feedback about how excellent my message was?

The ultimate goal of preaching, teaching, and theological discussion should be to point people towards Christ. If pointing people towards Christ is not foremost on our mind, then we need a serious heart check.  

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