Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Gospel is not a Challenge

The Gospel is not a challenge, and it was never meant to be a challenge.

Using rhetoric like “challenge” induces the listener to feel as if they need to rise up and meet a certain standard. This is not the Gospel. The Gospel is not about us rising up to meet a standard or gain success. The Gospel has never been about challenging people to succeed in an area such as reading the Bible, Bible memorization, going to church, praying, daily devotions, or any other spiritual discipline. The Gospel is about Jesus reaching the highest standard, which is sinless perfection, and giving that righteousness to us free of charge. 

To use rhetoric like “challenge” is to move away from the Gospel. The Gospel has never been about my own work and success, but the work of Christ in my place.  The Gospel is an invitation to be saved because Christ has done everything, and I have done nothing.

The Gospel is an invitation, not a challenge.

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